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Keto Beef Wellington

Keto Beef Wellington


With this ideal Keto Beef Wellington, you can impress your Sunday dinner visitors. The surface is perfectly crispy, and the interior is nicely medium-rare. a custom in Britain!

Naturally, as it appears, this recipe requires some time. Although laborious, it’s worthwhile!

What is Keto Beef Wellington?

Puff pastry is now used to encase traditional meat wellington. Of course, being keto, it has too many carbs, so I used the standard fathead dough instead. Although I don’t like using it as much anymore, this is the only dough that can be rolled out and maintain its shape in the oven. You won’t really taste the “fathead” flavor with all the fillings, anyway.

Avoid the huge ones when looking around for your beef. Normally, beef fillets are used, but they may be pricey, so I opted for something a little less expensive. I located a round eye that was the ideal size. It weighed about.75 kg.

To prevent bacterial infection, one of the first things we want to do with the beef is sear the exterior.

You shouldn’t skip it because it’s crucial!

In terms of my beef Wellington, the interior was nicely medium rare.

One dish I frequently see at upscale eateries is beef Wellington. a puff pastry-wrapped, pate-filled grilled tenderloin. I’ve made the decision to try a low-carb variation.

I spent about $20 on two tenderloin steaks, also referred to as fillet mignon. A portion of the loin is worthwhile to purchase because it will be juicy, soft, and simple to cut through. Make sure the red is vibrant and fresh.

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