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Keto Chicken Chips

Keto Chicken Chips


Keto Chicken Chips. On the ketogenic diet, controlling the need to eat is not always simple. You want something that may offer you a pleasing crunch without being loaded with carbohydrates. When I had my former eating habits, chips would satisfy my craving for anything salty and crunchy. You name it: barbecue, sour cream and onion, cheddar cheese. I ate anything that was in a bag, salty, crispy, and crunchy.

Who is here with me? “No one can eat just one,” right? Is it true that this adage was honestly chosen?

We grow our own hens for meat every year on my urban homestead. That requires us to butcher, chop, and can them ourselves.

I frequently pondered what to do with the skins. Didn’t want to discard them. I didn’t want to simply give them to the dog either. They don’t work well in recipes for canning or broth.

They make the PERFECT keto snack when seasoned with salt & pepper then air-fried or baked until browned and crisp. A tiny chip with plenty of fried chicken taste and a golden brown crunchiness.

These chicken chips can be made in a few different ways:

Baked in the oven: If you bake them in the oven on a baking sheet, they will turn out crispy but they might have too much oil.

Deep Fry: Deep frying them at 350 degrees will produce golden-brown naked chicken chips, which are finest seasoned after draining on paper towels.
If you decide to air fry them, you can season them before placing them in the air fryer; this will allow the seasoning to seep into the skins while they cook.

Whatever way you select, the result will be a chicken chip that is deliciously crunchy. Make plenty for movie night or to satisfy your appetite for fast restaurant fries. For those of us who don’t consume pork rinds, fried chicken skins are a great alternative because they have the same crisp and snap.

What additional dips are keto-friendly?

Try some of these additional dipping suggestions in addition to the recipe provided for a delectable dipping sauce:

  • Homemade salsa and cheesy pickle dip
  • Egg and avocado salad
  • False-Tomato Salad
  • Serve with a soup rather than crackers.


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