Keto Diet Plan For Beginners Step By Step Guide

Keto Diet Plan

Keto Diet Plan For Beginners Step By Step Guide

Keto advanced weight loss is a widespread and influential method to reduce our weight. It helps the person follow a diet containing low carbs and also with the maximum number of fats. In this state, the body utilizes fat instead of carbohydrates. Limitation of carbs helps the body to lose weight and also burn carbs.

Keto has the power to lose weight and also helps in controlling your cravings and appetite. When you follow the keto diet, you consume very few carbs. Therefore, your sugar level becomes stable and you will not have any cravings for unhealthy food. Additionally, You will feel full and healthy if you consume high fat.

It also affects our metabolic activity. In the state of ketosis, our liver produces ketone molecules, Our liver produces it and helps the body to burn excessive fat easily. It also provides energy to the body. You can measure its level through the urine and blood. Additionally, biologists have affirmed that this diet may help in maintaining the sugar level and the inflammation, on which the body relies.

I would suggest you consult your healthcare advisor first because different people need different types of diets to burn their fat to the required amount. Then start your weight loss journey as per their advice like how much nutrition you want in your diet. It will assist you in meeting your appropriate diet.

Moreover, attaining a balanced diet along with some physical activities will help you to lose weight faster. So, It is better to include some of the exercises or some outdoor games in your daily routine. It is the best and healthiest process so far.

Keto Diet Plan

Reasons for the failure of diet:

Following are the reasons why we cannot lose weight:

Extra protein consumption:

It negatively affects our bodies as the ketogenic diet proposes a balanced meal plan along with a calculated amount of nutrition in it. Thus, consuming the extra amounts of proteins removes the ability of the body to sustain ketosis. This thing led to a process called gluconeogenesis, which increases the blood sugar. You must take some suggestions with your healthcare professional or any nutritionist in this case.

Lack of sleep:

Having enough sleep gives us mental relaxation and is best for our well-being. Less sleep will affect our hormonal system badly by which our body resists maintaining ketosis and also the level of sugar in our blood increases. It affects our insulin and some other hormones that may function in controlling the Blood sugar level along with managing the stress level in the body. Lack of sleep also leads to extra cravings and hunger by which your body may desire to have some high-carb or junk food. Furthermore, your body may go through hormonal or mental disorders. As a result, your weight increases. Thus, maintain your sleep of almost 8-9 hours if you want a healthy lifestyle. Make a relaxing environment around, it will help you to sleep peacefully.


It may be difficult for some people in the initial phase, as their body is used to consuming excess carbs in the routine. So, try consuming food containing more fats. It will reduce your hunger level and then also you will feel full for a long time. In addition, consuming high-fat food will help in preserving muscle mass. You will still feel hungry if you take a very low amount of calories and if you are not hydrated. Staying hydrated will help in reducing hunger and also maintaining a balanced diet and eating nutrient-dense food accordingly.

Maintaining willpower:

It is a little bit challenging step. For example, you are having a meal with your family. You are surrounded by non-keto food. You should avoid eating that food if you want to maintain ketosis. replace your snacks with all the keto-friendly stock. Have some readily available snacks in your home. Try making some delicious keto-friendly recipes like keto pizza or anything you want. But make sure to keep the carbs low in every recipe by using keto-friendly ingredients. In desserts use some natural sweeteners or some keto-friendly erythritol. Moreover, you can have some guidance from others who are also following the ketogenic diet to motivate yourself. Making some routine habits and implementing the methods will help you maintain willpower in your diet.

Focus on calories:

Some people focus on the number of calories constantly. As a result, they fail to lose their weight. You should focus on consuming food low in carbs, having a balanced amount of proteins, and a rich amount of fats. These things result in maintaining energy levels and reducing weight. If you focus only on the calories, you will not be able to minimize weight.


While on a diet, you must have some realistic expectations. As it is not magic, it may be time-taking. During this time, you may notice different physical changes in your body. Your weight decreases and your energy level increases with time. You may experience some side effects also like irritation and fatigue etc. It is important to set the goal for the required weight in the required time. It will help you to motivate also.

Poor eating time:

Time plays an important role in our daily lives as well as in our diet routine. Thus, eating food at the right time will help you maintain ketosis.  It also helps in lowering insulin levels. Eating one snack right after another or throughout the day makes your body irritated. Make an eating gap of a maximum of 8 hours between every feast. Search for some healthy and fresh food, fruits, and vegetables. Canned fruits and veggies can have low carbs but are still unhealthy. On the whole, just focus on your eating time except of focusing on what are you eating.

Physical inactivity:

Physical inactivity can destroy your weight loss journey. Engage yourself in some regular walks, exercises, and outdoor games to make your body healthy and fit. It may also help in maintaining blood sugar levels. Activities can healthily burn calories and also help to build muscle mass and make our body strong. As everything looks good in a balance. Similarly, long-term exercises affect your diet process by increasing the blood sugar level in the body. Physical activities are the most enjoyable activities like dancing etc. Make your body used to it by enjoying it also.

Why keto works?

Keto is a short form used instead of the ketogenic diet. It is a well-known term used for improving health and losing weight. The main and key concept of this word is generally to reduce the amount of carbohydrates, keep in balance the proteins, and increase the amount of fats in a food. As a result, your body attains the state of ketosis.

Firstly, when you consume a small number of carbohydrates in a food, Your liver releases ketones, which are likely the energy and the fuel source for the brain and the body. By this, your body becomes capable of burning the accumulated fat which is best for reducing weight.

Additionally, the amount of carbohydrates is directly proportional to the blood sugar level. If the carbs increase then the blood sugar level will automatically increase. It also helps to regulate the sugar level by making more insulin. It also helps in reducing our craving for food all the time and keeps us full, which is a good way of decreasing weight.

Furthermore, diet may also help in improving our metabolism. Less intake of carbs with the production of insulin prevents diabetes. It is also useful for holding the cholesterol level. The diet also helps in maintaining health problems like seizures.

In brief, keto is best for maintaining a good balanced diet by decreasing carbs. It helps us lose weight and reduce the craving to eat something. It also helps us is health diseases as well. Consult our doctor and share your diet routine with them. They will guide you well.



Best food to eat in keto:

  1. It is low in carbs along with a good amount of proteins and fats.
  2. The best source of essential vitamins for our body.
  3. Vitamins D, A, E, and B12 are available.
  4. It contains choline, which is good for our nervous system and brain in controlling mood and memory.
  1. Rich in fats but has less number carbohydrates.
  2. Best source of energy and is also good for a healthy heart.
  3. Consists of vitamins B, C, E, and K along with potassium, minerals, and magnesium.
  4. It has a light and velvety consistency and can be utilized in making dips.
  1. Best and the richest source of proteins.
  2. Contains Vitamins B6, and B12 and can be made in different styles.
  1. The best source of calcium and vitamins like A and B12
  2. Gives a creamy touch to any recipe.
  3. You can add it to new dishes, and use it as the topping.

Side effects of Keto:

The “keto flu”

Some people experience health issues while in keto such as;

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation

Gaining weight again:

You must follow the diet properly, as it is low in carbs. But if you leave this diet routine you may gain weight again, which is something irritating.

Nutritional deficiency:

Keeping carbs low may lead to the deficiency of some other nutrients such as;

  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Fiber

Kidney stones:

This thing is faced in some people, who do not have any kidney issues. It is just because of the consumption of high-fat food. Long-term kidney stones can also result in kidney failure. Ketoacidosis may lead to stones in the kidney.

What is ketoacidosis?

It occurs when there is a building of ketones in the body and can increase the level of pH in the blood which makes the blood acidic. It increases the blood sugar level which may be dangerous if left uncured.

People who should avoid the keto diet?

Following is the list of people who should avoid the keto diet:

  • People who had swelling and redness in their pancreas
  • Liver failure
  • When you have thyroid issues i.e.; hyperthyroidism
  • Fat storage issues i.e.; Fat metabolism disorder
  • Eating disorders

Is it healthy to focus on a keto diet?

As it possesses a high-fat low-carb meal. It can be good for losing weight. On the other hand, it is not good because low-density lipoprotein increases with the increase in fatty foods like pork, cheese, beef, and butter.

Keto grocery list:

Here you can see what to buy and what to avoid in your weight loss journey. Get ready to make a balanced keto-diet grocery list.


Vegetables are rich in fibers, and minerals and contain antioxidants that give us energy and lower the risk of heart failure.


Meat is a rich source of fats and proteins along with some other nutrients.

Nuts/ seeds:

The best plant-based things contain lots of fibers and vitamins which are crucial for our health. It loses weight and helps us to fight against diseases.


It contains only fats in it without having any other nutrients such as;

  • Sesame oil
  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Avocado oil


Almost every fruit contains a large number of carbs in it. So, they are very limited in the keto recipes. But there are some other options like berries in the fruits, containing Vitamin C and making our immune system stronger.

  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Blackberries


Dairy products generally contain a large number of calcium, proteins, and fats. It also helps us to feel full for a long time.

  • Greek yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Heavy cream

Side products:

Things that should be available in your kitchen if you are following a ketogenic diet.

  • Paprika
  • Monk fruit sweetener
  • Swere powder
  • Almond flour
  • Stevia
  • Italian seasoning
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cinnamon
  • Garlic powder
  • Ginger
  • Chicken broth

Keto grocery shopping will also help you realize that you are eating a lot of healthy food by staying in ketosis. Enjoy your low-carb lifestyle!

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