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Keto Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Keto Chocolate Chip Pancakes


These Keto Chocolate Chip Pancakes in a ketogenic diet will satisfy any craving! Although they are optional, chocolate chips really elevate these pancakes to outstanding status.

Let’s start by saying that these pancakes are more than just keto chocolate chip pancakes. The recipe can be used to make keto toffee pancakes in addition to many other delicious variations.

I’ll be the first to confess that eating eggs for breakfast can become old. Now, I actually have my breakfast at lunchtime rather than at breakfast time.
I eat a lot of the same stuff because I’m a creature of habit. But occasionally I just don’t feel like eating eggs! You can relate, I’m certain.

I’m not against manufacturing foods that contain eggs; I just don’t always want them. No fried eggs, scrambled eggs, or hard-boiled eggs.

I cook items like these fluffy keto chocolate chip pancakes at these occasions.

Or how about plain pancakes flavored with toffee and served with syrup? Of sure, I say!

Also, take a look at these delicious pancakes made with almond flour if you’re searching for a similar recipe with a little bit of a different flavor and texture.

How about a dairy-free diet? Visit this recipe for dairy-free low carb pancakes if you’re looking for a substitute!

Kitchen requisites

Having a griddle is quite practical. It is not a big deal if you don’t have one.

I make a lot of these and prefer to serve them warm so that everyone may eat at once. I can prepare twice as many at once with this griddle, which I can simply place on the stove.

I also have a stand-alone griddle, but putting one on the stove is really simple!


Although it is optional, I decided to use liquid stevia as the sweetener. Since stevia is actually optional, I omit it when I decide not to have a “flavor”.

For instance, I didn’t want the abrasive sensation that occasionally results from taking monk fruit or erythritol when I do use it.

How can chocolate chips be prevented from settling in pancakes?

Well, this one comes naturally to me! When you add chocolate chips to the mix, one of the issues is that they DO sink, leaving you with the first few pancakes that have few chips and the last few that have many.

The chocolate chips are added by me to each pancake so I can manage their quantity. You pour the batter into the pan and then top it with the desired quantity of chocolate chips.

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