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Keto Buffalo Chicken Bites

Keto Buffalo Chicken Bites


The best appetizer for any gathering, party, or movie night is homemade baked Keto Buffalo Chicken Bites ! With this simple recipe, you can make bite-sized, crispy buffalo chicken pieces that are excellent for dipping!

servings 4 servings

These chicken bits are ideal for gatherings and taste well with Jalapeno Poppers, Zucchini Fries, and Crispy Pepperoni Chips. Or, for a wonderful lunch or dinner, pair them with a Low Carb Caesar Salad!

Making Buffalo Chicken Bites: A Recipe

Making these delectable little treats couldn’t be simpler.
Chicken should be marinated for up to 4 hours using the following marinade mixture.

Coating: Coat chicken bites with a mixture of flour, garlic, and parmesan.
Bake: Bake until thoroughly cooked and crispy.

Serve immediately with your favorite sauce or the buffalo dipping sauce!

Advice for the Ideal Crunch

The Perfect Coating – The crispy exterior coating of buffalo chicken bites is one of its outstanding features. This recipe uses almond flour and parmesan cheese as a coating instead of prepackaged breadcrumbs to stay under the keto diet’s restrictions. The parmesan cheese in this mixture provides the nibbles a delicious, cheesy texture in addition to being low in carbs. The ideal vessel for soaking up your preferred dipping sauces!
uniform components To achieve consistent baking, make sure your chicken pieces are of a comparable size.

Use A Meat Thermometer – For the best chicken bites, gently place the thermometer into the centre of the pieces and check the temperature at 165 F.

Exceptional Dip Sauces

The classic marinade and dipping sauce for buffalo chicken bites is buffalo sauce, but you should also try other favorites like blue cheese, ranch, BBQ, honey mustard, or dill dip! Try teriyaki barbecue sauce or sweet-and-sour hoisin sauce as well!

For a lovely (and tasty!) presentation, place some celery sticks and cucumber coins next to the dish.

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