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Keto Berry Dump Cake

Keto Berry Dump Cake

This easy-to-make paleo Keto Berry Dump Cake is both delicious and keto-friendly. Dump cakes have the advantage of being virtually impossible to “get wrong.”

You can whip up this paleo blueberry cake in no time with a little preparation and items that are probably already in your pantry.

It starts with frozen blueberries mixed with lemon juice and the sweetener of your choice for the keto diet.

The magic happens in just thirty minutes in the oven. The end result is a rich dessert that will satisfy your sweet need at any moment, even after a hearty dinner.

Serving this low-carb blueberry pie with a dollop of keto whipped cream will make it more special.

Additionally, you may use allulose to make this blueberry ice cream and serve it with this dump cake. There are many different ice cream flavors available.


American dish known as “dump cake” was initially made by placing fruit in a pan, layering a box of cake mix on top of the fruit, and then dripping melted butter on top.

However, our method is less expensive. You could absolutely purchase a keto cake mix and sprinkle part of it on top of the blueberry mixture.

The filling of this keto dump cake is soft blueberries, while the topping is made of soft almond and coconut flour. Warm servings with keto ice cream are preferred.

You can use the batter from my keto shortcake recipe if you’d want a cobbler-like topping. Place a dollop of the batter on top and avoid brushing melted butter on top.


If you like, you can substitute fresh blueberries for the frozen variety.

To prevent overbaking, shorten the baking time by 5 to 10 minutes.

You might want to experiment with the cake’s sweetness content. Use more or less sweetener.

Your dump cake should be baked for just long enough for the top to sufficiently brown, but not so long that it becomes dry.


If necessary, you may easily make this dump cake dairy-free. Simply swap out the butter for melted coconut if you prefer not to eat dairy or are unable to due to an allergy or intolerance.

Your vegan blueberry dump cake will taste just as good as the one made with dairy and butter.

If you’re looking for more dairy-free blueberry sweets, try our keto berry smoothie, which also substitutes almond milk for dairy milk in the recipe.

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