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Keto Calzone with Spinach & Cheese

Keto Calzone With Spinach & Cheese

As the name suggests, this Keto Calzone with Spinach & Cheese is both cheesy and spinach-y. This is as near to a real calzone as you can get while following a ketogenic diet, and it’s the finest you’ll ever have! Low in carbohydrates, gluten-free, and vegetarian.
I debated whether to call this a keto braid or a keto calzone, but after making and eating it, calzone was the undisputed winner.

Keto Calzone

It won’t have any impact on the flavor or result at all.

I tweaked mozzarella dough to make the dough for this cheesy keto calzone. The main distinction between my recipe and many others is the inclusion of psyllium husk powder. Despite the fact that it may be made without it, the completed product has a chewy, gummy feel that closely resembles genuine bread.

Mr. Hungry, who typically isn’t a big fan of fathead dough, couldn’t believe it was made with mozzarella and was truly keto friendly because it was such a significant improvement over standard fathead dough.

Without a cheese-filled spinach crust, it wouldn’t be a cheesy keto calzone, and we’ve got plenty of that here. Garlic, onion, nutmeg, spinach, ricotta, mozzarella, feta, and some egg to bind it all together.

After it has been put together, the calzone is given an egg wash, poppy seeds, and coarse salt for texture and flavor, though you could skip those without doing any harm.

Spinach And Cheese Keto Calzone

This spinach and cheese keto calzone is delicious both warm and cold and doesn’t need anything to improve it.

It is simple to cut this keto spinach calzone into strips and serve it as an appetiser (with or without marinara) or game day snack because it holds together so well. Extra points if you have leftovers because it makes the ideal quick keto meal on the move!

I’ve made this numerous times in the past few weeks, and tonight I’m going to make another one to bring to the beach with friends on Friday. I’ll have a couple of slices of this spinach calzone and a Keto Paloma Cocktail, and I won’t even think it’s odd that the rest of the group is having beer and BBQ chicken sandwiches.

Total Servings: 6



Net carbohydrates per serving are around 5g.
Alternative Method: Form the dough into a circle with a 16-inch diameter. Leaving a one-inch border, distribute the filling over half of the circle. In order to seal the edges, fold the dough over the filling and press down. To let steam out, make three cuts in the top of the calzone. As stated above, bake.

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