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Keto Puff Pastry

Keto Puff Pastry

Keto Puff Pastry. I had no idea that I would ever eat pastries again when I started the keto diet. Nevertheless, here we are, believe it or not.

With “Vital Wheat Gluten” as the primary ingredient, I’ve not only created an extremely good flaky Keto Puff Pastry, but also…

A fantastic 100% gluten-free keto puff pastry that I made is also available. You can then select the version that best matches your lifestyle in this manner.

However, in essence, it is the protein in wheat. The soft but chewy texture of bread and other baked foods is a result of it, which also produces gluten strands. Wheat gluten that has been isolated and separated from wheat is now available for purchase. It is primarily a protein on its own with very little carbohydrate content.

As long as you are not celiac or gluten intolerant, it is completely acceptable while following a ketogenic diet. If so, the gluten-free version of this pastry dough will also work fantastically for you.

One of the nicest things I’ve ever had the pleasure of creating and working with was this pastry dough.

It’s simply so adaptable.

You can make countless recipes using it.

Like conventional puff pastry, it puffs up and has lovely buttery layers all throughout.

I’ve already created keto croissants, tartlets with goat cheese and caramelized onions, and cheesy bread, but I have plenty more recipe ideas in the works.

Please take note of the photographs I’ve annotated to show you which foods are gluten-free and which are created with important wheat gluten.

In all honesty, they both taste extremely good, but I think I might like the essential wheat gluten version a little bit better because the flaky layers are more apparent.

I Used These Tools To Make Flaky Keto Puff Pastry

Low Carb Substitution Guide: This is entirely optional, however if you enjoy my recipes, I now have a $5 guide with all of the substitutions I employ to produce each recipe on my website. This may be used to generate new keto recipes as well as convert old standard recipes.

Food nutritional scale, also known as my best friend. I’ve had this little friend for more than 4 years, and he never lets me down.

Non-Stick Rolling Pin: Although I didn’t use this one when I first made the recipe, I highly recommend it so you won’t have to keep flouring your work area and using wax or parchment paper to roll out the dough!
Rolling out dough that is sticking to your rolling pin is made easier by using wax or parchment paper.
To wrap the dough for chilling, use Saran wrap.


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