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Keto Cheese Curds

Keto Cheese Curds

This delicious keto-friendly appetizer is low-carb Keto Cheese Curds. Recipe gluten free. A delicious fried cheese curds gluten free recipe with almost no carbs. Eat it with family and friends on any occasion.

Many people questioned me about the cheese curds when I wrote my recipes for baked and marinated cheese curds. I live in the Midwest, and recently, my family and I travelled to Wisconsin. Among the many cheeses we brought back were some cheese curds. There are a number of taste options, but I’m using these curds with shallot and black pepper. No high carb content. Eat it and you’re going to fall in love with this. This is the bet thing to eat while on a keto diet.

But you may use any flavor you like for this recipe, because the coating is quite neutral. Because I detest deep frying, they are also batch shallow fried. But they are very addictive! A dish with almost no carbs.

Cheddar sticks broken into little pieces would be a good substitute if cheese curds are unavailable. An easy recipe.

Cheese curds: are they keto?

Yes, cheese curds fit the keto diet perfectly because they are a good source of fat and surprisingly low in carbohydrates. To be honest, it’s a nice thing that cheese curds can give a fresh texture, variety, and flavor to your meals. However, since the cheese curds have calories and some carbs, you should only eat a modest amount of them. Slow down if you believe you can consume a lot of cheese curds!

The Best Way to Prepare Low Carb Fried Cheese Curds

The cheese curds should be put in one of the three dishes that have been set up. Add almond flour, Parmesan cheese, and black pepper to the second bowl (although I skipped the pepper due to the flavoring in the curds I was using). In the last bowl, whisk one egg with a little bit of water. (Use olive oil). Olive oil is super healthy.

Low Carb Cheese Curds

Each Cheese Curds should be dipped into the egg and then the dry mixture, coating it completely. Continue with the remaining curds after placing on a platter.

The cheese curds should be fried until golden brown in batches on a big nonstick skillet that has been preheated with some oil. The cooking time and number of times they need to be turned over will vary depending on the size and form of the curds. When you notice cheese beginning to dip, either flip the pieces over or take them out of the pan.

Serve the cheese curds heated with low-carb ketchup after allowing them to slightly cool. Dip into the low carb keto diet ketchup and enjoy fried cheese curds!

Even while they can be refrigerated, any leftovers tend to turn into one big cheese curd. Which actually isn’t a problem if you just microwave it again! I would advise prepping them but not cooking them if you wanted to prepare them ahead of time. A dish with almost no carbs.

Eating Healthy

I’ll admit it, all right. The last few entries have been devoted to discussing how wonderful we feel now that we are eating healthily and how much we love preparing low-carb meals. The reality? I long for warm meals. true comfort food, sort of. the kind served by food trucks. Tacos, pizza, fries, samosas, but I think I miss fried cheese curds the most.

Juicy And Flavorful

You should look up a cheese curd right away if you don’t know what one is. They are juicy, flavorful cheese balls with a “springy” quality. It’s a little different from conventional cheese, but I won’t get into the specific science behind them. If you live in the Midwest, your local grocery shop might sell cheese curds. They are available at our local Aldi and Mariano’s, but they are not particularly simple to locate. If you can’t find pre-packaged cheese curds, you may still make this recipe by purchasing mozzarella, cheddar, or cheese sticks that include a mixture of the two. then, divide into fourths, and presto!

I’ve tried a couple different approaches to this dish. You will be overjoyed to enjoy this dish as a special treat now that we’ve finally figured it out! There are a number of taste options, but I’m using these curds with shallot and black pepper. No high carb content. Eat it and you’re going to fall in love with this.

The keto diet is what?

The main idea of the keto diet is easy. Foods high in fat and low in carbs should be a part of your diet. The ingestion of moderate amounts of protein is permitted. To see where “cheese curds” come into the whole picture, let’s first define a keto/ketogenic diet. Your body’s biochemistry changes significantly when you start the keto diet. Your body automatically uses carbohydrates to meet energy needs. On the other hand, your body switches to utilize the fat you have stored in your body as an energy source when you restrict your carbohydrate consumption while following a ketogenic diet. You can lose weight by switching from carbohydrates to fat since your body will start burning its stored fat. To put it simply, the keto diet causes your body to utilize fat instead of glucose (carbohydrates).

Nowadays, a ketogenic diet is popular among those looking to lose weight. The keto diet can lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels in addition to helping people lose weight.

Nutritional profile of cheese curds

The daily carbohydrate restriction for a ketogenic diet is between 20 and 50 gram of total carbs.

The cheese curds are OK to eat as long as you don’t go above that restriction.

Keto Diet



4.8g net carbohydrates per serving of a quarter of the curds (approx 3 oz). Total carbs 5.8g

Ketchup is not included in the data.


The nutritional data for this recipe is offered as a courtesy and represents my best estimate. Due to variances in ingredients and cooking techniques, I cannot guarantee that the data is entirely correct. Sugar alcohol-derived carbohydrates are excluded from net carb counts since research has demonstrated that they have no effect on blood sugar levels. Net carbohydrates are total carbohydrates without fibre.

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