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Keto Pea And Ham Soup

Keto Pea And Ham Soup

This delicious Keto Pea And Ham Soup is very simple to make and a great recipe for the whole family. The best soup dish for a keto diet. Has the exact same flavor as a typical pea and ham soup without all the carbohydrates!


  • Low-carb: Hemp seeds can be used in place of peas or split peas to reduce the amount of carbohydrates.
  • All of the components for this keto ham soup are commonplace and can be bought at most stores.
  • Very quick and easy to prepare. Pick the cooking method you want to use. It takes less than an hour from preparation to table.
  • This low-carb ham soup dish may be quickly and easily prepared in the Thermomix, Magimix, or food processor.
  • I adore keto soup recipes since they are usually rather simple (and tasty). I enjoy making it since you can eat well for days.

What complements soup well? Obviously, bread! Additionally, you must attempt some of our keto bread recipes.


For additional information on the components, alternatives, and step-by-step directions for making our delectable keto pea and ham soup, keep reading.

The soup itself has a wide range of uses. You’ll see a green vegetable in the photograph above that is absent from this dish. It’s a choko (or chayote). In our Hearty Pea & Ham Soup from the cookbook Slow Cook Keto, I occasionally use this veggie as well.

I use meaty ham hocks weighing about 800g. Make sure your butcher cuts the ham hock into smaller pieces if you plan to make the pea and ham soup in the Thermomix. Additionally, I favor using a blade cover.

You may find more ham and keto pork recipes on our site. Or perhaps the Schweinshaxe, which is a fantastic option for a keto Christmas meal.

Hemp Seeds – Hemp seeds give the soup an incredible flavour and texture.

They increase the amount of plant-based protein and take the place of split peas in a typical pea and ham soup. Hemp seeds are widely used in both hot and cold foods, and many people say that they have a number of health benefits.

As previously noted, for a substantial keto ham soup, you may also add choko or even rutabaga if you choose.

It can be easily converted to a vegetarian diet by switching to vegetable stock. This has undergone testing and received the thumbs up.


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