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Keto Grasshopper Pie

Keto Grasshopper Pie

Keto Grasshopper Pie. We all enjoy the traditional dessert known as grasshopper pie. Although the pie is green, there is no other explanation for its nickname “grasshopper.” After all, the recipe doesn’t call for actual grasshoppers! So, where and when did this decadent, minty-chocolate treat start? Additionally, the past is a little hazy.

Keto Pie

The New York Times published a recipe for grasshopper pie in 1904, which is when the dish was first mentioned. However, grasshoppers were actually used to make this pie. After that, until the 1950s, there were no actual recipes with this name. The Knox gelatin business published the American Century Cookbook, which contained a recipe for grasshopper pie.

What is Grasshopper Pie?

A grasshopper, a popular mint beverage at the period, was crafted with cream, crème de menthe, and white crème de cacao. When mixed, the beverage was a vivid yet pale green that resembled grasshoppers (another 1950s color that was quite in vogue). The pie, which also includes mint, chocolate, and cream, was created by the gelatin company and was inspired by the popular beverage. Naturally, it had to be referred to as “grasshopper pie,” plain and simple. Once the recipe was made public, it quickly rose to fame.

Low carb version

We had to create a Low carb version of this classic dish, and it was rather delicious.

We developed an almond flour and cocoa powder mixture that is combined with sweet, carb-free erythritol and pure, delectable butter rather than the conventional chocolate cookie crust. Another amazing aspect of this complete pie is that there is no need for an oven; the crust only has to be refrigerated.

Instead of using mint extract, we utilized fresh mint in our recipe. Real mint offers an unequalled flavor as well as a few additional nutritional advantages (it can aid in indigestion, for example). Fresh mint leaves have a strong flavor that is easily detectable!

Heavy Cream

The keto diet’s best friend is heavy cream, which was also a component in the original grasshopper pie. Do not use another type of milk in place of cream because it will make the pie smooth and rich. We want to stick to the original Knox recipe, so gelatin is another item that doesn’t need to be changed to create a low-carb dish.

Together, these amazing low-carb ingredients create a terrific rendition of grasshopper pie. Anyone from the 1950s might drool over the dish and then ask for the recipe, in our opinion. Try it out and savor every bite; it fits perfectly within your diet!

Serves: 10


10 servings. 7.01 g of carbohydrates and 2.4 g of fibre are present in each serving. 4.61 g are the total NET CARBS.
Energy from food: 262 kcal 11.13 grams of saturated fatty acids Fat in total: 23.82g 214 calories come from fat. 123 mg of cholesterol 7.01g of carbohydrates 2.40g of dietary fibre overall 6.67g of protein 34 mg of sodium

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