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Cookie Dough Keto Fat Bombs

Cookie Dough Keto Fat Bombs

Cookie Dough Keto Fat Bombs. Fat bombs alone make us want to go on the Keto diet, but to eat cookie dough, we’ll take any excuse. For whenever the craving hits, these are perfect to keep stored in the freezer!

Keto Cookie Dough

About cookie dough, there is something magical, don’t you think? Making cookies with my mom in the kitchen, it always reminds me of childhood. Especially in adulthood, sneaking a bite of cookie dough is such a treat and, something we think of as an occasional indulgence(not a frequent occurrence).

You could eat cookie dough EVERY day? How does that sounds? Really! ???? Eating “fat bombs” (high-fat, often sweet, treats) is 100% allowed and encouraged as on keto, you need to have a higher fat intake, so …! You can make all sorts of fat bombs, but I would argue that one of the best of our many Keto Desserts is a fat bomb that tastes like chocolate chip cookie dough.

Why You’ll Love This

This is an easy no-bake recipe.
Combine your ingredients and it’s ready to go!
Each fat bomb contains 0.3g net carbs and only 6g fat! Feel free to eat two or three at a time with macros like those.
(Thank goodness they’re easy to make.)Your whole family will love these… but that fact may make them go quickly!
They store beautifully not just in the freezer, but also in the fridge.

Keto Edible Cookie Dough:

How to Store

Store these fat bombs:

  • For up to five days in the fridge
  • Or For up to three months in the freezer 

Store them in an airtight container no matter your storage method.



  • 1/2 c. (1 stick) butter, softened
  • (such as Swerve) 1/3 c. Keto friendly confectioners sugar
  • 1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp. kosher salt
  • 2 c. almond flour
  • (such as Lily’s) 2/3 c. Keto friendly dark chocolate chips


  1. Using a hand mixer, beat butter in a large bowl until it gets light and fluffy. Add salt, vanilla and sugar and beat until it gets combined.
  2. Until no dry spots remain, slowly beat in almond flour, then fold in chocolate chips. With plastic wrap, cover bowl and to firm slightly, place in refrigerator, FIFTEEN to TWENTY minutes.
  3. Scoop dough into small balls using a small cookie scoop. If planning to eat within the week, store in the refrigerator, or in the freezer for up to ONE month.

Nutrition (per serving):

70 calories,
2 g protein,
2 g carbohydrates,
1 g fiber,
0 g sugar,
7 g fat,
2 g saturated fat,
35 mg sodium

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