Keto Patty Melt

Keto Patty Melt

Keto Patty Melt. Many of you have already seen and used one of the 90-second bread recipes that have been making the rounds on Pinterest. The basic concept is that you combine a few straightforward ingredients in a bowl, microwave it for one and a half minutes, and presto—bread! Although it’s not the most convenient bread to work with, it will do in a pinch. A grilled sandwich, such as a grilled cheese or a panini, is one of its best uses because the outside will crisp up nicely and the taste will be a little less eggy afterward.

Here comes the notion I had.

What if I could add a single, uncomplicated component and obtain a substance that resembled rye bread?

Rather than the rye flour itself, the caraway seeds provide the majority of the taste in a good seeded rye. And it creates so many more possible combinations with just that one small increase. Undoubtedly, I must try a reuben or a fine pastrami sandwich. But for the time being, I’ll stick with a patty melt, one of my favorite classic diner dishes.

Use your preferred 90-second bread recipe as a starting point. I used the one from Wholesome Yum, but it’s okay if you like another. The ingredients should be combined in a flat-bottomed dish about the size of a slice of bread.

Just be sure to fully mix in a half teaspoon of caraway seeds before putting it in the microwave. After 90 seconds in the microwave, remove it to cool.

2-3 ounces of mushrooms should be fried in a teaspoon of butter over medium heat until they brown and expel the most of their moisture. Place those in a small bowl and set away. Start by cutting a quarter of a large onion into long strips French-style while the mushrooms are cooking. Use 1/3 pound of 85/15 or 80/20 ground beef to form a patty, squeezing it as thin as you can. Put it in the pan with the mushrooms over medium-high heat after seasoning both sides.

Around the beef patty, add the onions to the pan. When I made this recipe, I made 3 of these because I had a pound of ground beef to utilize. One for leftovers, one for my spouse who is not keto, and one for myself.

The burgers ought to be releasing enough fat by the time they’re ready to be rotated so that the onions may be cooked. The burgers should be fully cooked, and you want them to be nicely caramelized. Normally, I prefer my burgers medium-rare, but the patty melt didn’t suit me as well.

Build the sandwich once the burgers and onions are thoroughly cooked. To produce two slices, carefully cut the bread in half lengthwise.

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