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Easy Keto Freezy Orange Creamsicles

Easy Keto Orange Freezy Creamsicles

It could not be easier to make these refreshing Easy Keto Freezy Orange Creamsicles. They are easy freezy beautiful.

Time to make some orange creamsicles by breaking out the popsicle molds. If you are watching your calories, this recipe can be easily made sugar-free. Easy Keto Freezy Orange Creamsicles are some of the few sugar-free cross-over foods that are loved by kids and adults alike.




  1. With One cup of boiling water, fill a 4-cup measure.
  2. Mix in Jello powder and stir until it gets dissolved.
  3. To the dissolved Jello, add vanilla and two cups of cream so that the liquid reaches the 3 cup line. Stir until it gets well combined.
  4. Into popsicle pour liquid, mold and freeze for Six hours until it gets firm.
  5. Over the popsicle mold, run some hot water for a few seconds to make it easier to release the popsicles from the mold


Serving Size: 1 popsicle
Calories: 143
Fat: 15
Carbohydrates: 1
Fiber: 0
Protein: 1

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