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Keto Cheese Cream Blintz

Keto Cheese Cream Blintz. One of my greatest passions in life is the brunch buffet. I used to top my little blintzes with strawberry jam, whipping cream, and syrup, and I still do it now. BUT NOT EVEN ON A SUNDAY. AT HOME. BY MYSELF.



  • 8 EGGS


  • 1 C. Cheese, RICOTTA
  • 1/2 TSP. VANILLA


  1. This simple cream cheese pancake dish was transformed into keto cream cheese blintzes.
  2. There is no flour or baking powder, and the ratios have been slightly altered.
  3. The first time I cooked the recipe, which has been floating about for ages, I thought the pancake was too flat to be a pancake. A Keto crepe like this! They are extremely fragile and can be challenging to flip. You’ll get my advice in advance.


  1. This batter is best blended, in my opinion. The process is quick and simple, and my blender has a nozzle that makes it easy to pour the batter directly into my pan. Blend all items together in a blender after adding them.
  2. I begin with a low speed and gradually increase it until my mixture is smooth and there are no visible pieces of cream cheese. A nonstick pan should be heated to medium.
  3. Simply rub the edge of a stick of butter over the pan’s surface to butter it, then pour just enough batter in to thinly coat the bottom.


  1. Although I have a fantastic nonstick pan that practically nothing will stick to, many people have trouble flipping these pancakes without them ripping.
  2. This is because they are so fragile. I check to see if the crepe is cooked and moving freely in the pan once the bottom is firm by running a tiny spatula under the edges. Now take a second heat-resistant spatula.
  3. Requires two hands. I place a second spatula below after sliding the first one under the crepe and lifting it just a little.
  4. I will raise a little and move the first spatula a little bit deeper under the crepe if I can get it under the crepe farther than the second one. I lift both spatulas simultaneously and flip the crepe once I have both under it.


  1. When the crepes are finished cooking, use the same technique to take them from the pan and arrange them on a platter. They lack the same scaffold as a typical crepe since they contain no flour.
  2. They will always be more fragile and prone to tearing than a regular flour-based crepe, but once cooled, they are unquestionably easier to manage.
  3. Mix the filling ingredients with a hand mixer in a bowl while the crepes are cooking. Use a stand mixer to combine all the ingredients.
  4. The first few crepes were cool enough to fill by the time the last one was finished. This recipe yields 8 substantial blintzes. I used a big spoon to spread about 2-3 tbs. of filling the first crepe’s center.
  5. I folded one side over the filled center first, followed by the other side. I later wrapped them in a burrito-style roll. These don’t require any folding at all to be enjoyed. Simply place the filling in the middle and roll them up!

Nutrition Facts

297 cals, 2.3 g. carbs, 25 grams fat, 11 g. protein.

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