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Keto Bread Machine Recipe

Keto Bread Machine Recipe

Keto Bread Machine Recipe. Every self-described “best low carb bread recipe” we’ve eaten is just- GROSS.

Sorry it’s not going to happen. We have even ordered them from different parts of the country, and while we have discovered some low-carb pastas that we enjoy, we simply aren’t interested in bread items. (However, if you locate any, let us know below!)

I was therefore very dubious when my husband began fumbling around in the kitchen with this recipe for keto-friendly bread.

Later, while he was eating FRENCH TOAST in the morning, I was like, “Uhhhh, what the heck is going on here?” PLEASE BITE.


Okay, you guys. This bread is THE BOMB. I don’t frequently ask my incapable husband to share his recipes with us.

This is a bread machine recipe for low-carb bread, first and foremost. One day after he returned from work, I spotted him dragging in his brand-new toy. We utilise the Zoji Rushi Bread Machine, which can also prepare cake dough and other pastry ingredients and can produce 2 pound loaves.

This bread maker is fantastic if you’re serious about producing low-carb or keto bread because the recipe is so simple! The bread maker executes every step of the baking process, including mixing, rising, timing, and proving. Everything is simply thrown in, and after five hours, the machine has fresh bread.

(FYI: This item will pay for itself in a matter of weeks if you’ve been paying to have keto bread supplied to you.)

On to the recipe now…

How To Use A Bread Machine To Make Keto Bread

We merely need to prepare three bowls: one for the yeast, one for the wet ingredients that have been measured out.

Yes, he always adds the yeast last and gives it a separate bowl. I tried to explain to him that the yeast must be added to the warm liquid in order for it to activate and start digesting the honey, but he’s made it 20 times and insists that the yeast should be on top!

First, prepare a bowl with the dry ingredients. Anthony’s Oat Fiber is what we use.

Golden Flaxseed Meal from Bob. Put everything in the bowl.

Plus a tone of other ingredients, which you simply measure up and pour into your bowl. I won’t make you sleepless.

You can put wet ingredients right into the bread machine pan. The BUTTER MUST BE SOFT, he wants you to know.
Over the wet components, pour the dry ingredients. Next, sprinkle the yeast on top.

and select “regular bread” in the bread maker. Nothing special!

Then there is nothing left to do, so you can literally go about your day!

About 5 hours later… TA DA!

And one more picture of beauty because, come on…

Low Carb Bread

We haven’t discovered anything as moist and fulfilling as this homemade low-carb bread recipe when we’ve bought it from any ship-to-your-door keto bread companies.

I won’t say I’ll stop eating my lettuce-wrapped burgers and tacos since I’ve come to really adore them, but I CAN EAT TOAST WITH BUTTER NOW, you guys. This bread really does toast!

Okay, I’ve said enough. Now for the dish. Tell me how it goes for you and please!

In order to keep track of my daily carb intake, I have added this dish to the Carb Manager app. It can be seen by anyone under “Urban Cowgirl Bread Recipe.”

The reason why this is indicated as having 5 g of carbohydrates per serving is that the software does not take into account the honey being consumed by the yeast and turning into carbon dioxide. This undoubtedly occurs since the photographs show the lovely air bubbles that the leavening creates. Just keep in mind that the honey has been devoured by the yeast during the rise and shouldn’t be used when calculating the serving’s carbohydrate content. Their program is unable to take into consideration the chemical process involved in baking bread. Thanks!

More Delicious Bread Recipes:

For those of us who are aware of how challenging it is to locate low carbohydrate mix. Fortunately, there is a technique to create your own bread maker mix that doesn’t include a tone of carbohydrates.

A typical handmade bread recipe that would be created in a bread maker and this recipe are extremely similar. To make that traditional recipe more palatable to low-carbohydrate bread lovers, I have made a few changes. I’m hoping this recipe will be successful for you as well!

It had been a while since I had used a bread maker in my home, I must admit.

(FYI: This item will pay for itself in a matter of weeks if you’ve been paying to have keto bread supplied to you.)

It makes excellent sandwiches, toast, and French toast. Even cheese bread, cinnamon bread, and flavored keto breads can be made using it as a base.


Dry components:

  • Anthony’s Oat Fiber, half a cup
  • 1 1/4 c. Anthony’s Vital Wheat Gluten, 1/3 c. flaxseed meal
  • 1 t. salt
  • 1/4 cup of xylitol
  • 0.5 t. Xanthan Gum
  • Wet Ingredients: 2 beaten eggs and 1 tablespoon of room temperature water.
  • 2 T room temperature butter
  • 1.0 tbsp. active dry yeast (Must be Active Dry Yeast)

Keto Bread Machine


  1. Whisk all the dry ingredients together in a bowl.
  2. All of the wet ingredients—aside from the yeast—should be added to the bowl of your bread maker.
  3. On top, mix in the dry ingredients. After that, add the yeast.
  4. After using the machine for a while, turn it off and start the breadmaker normally.


Note on Honey: In this recipe, the honey is used to provide food for the yeast, which needs to be fed in order for it to activate and leaven the bread. Although the honey is taken into account when calculating the amount of carbs, the final loaf has barely traces of it.

Information on nutrition:


Per Serving Amount: 155 calories 5g of total fat FAT SATURATED: 2g 25mg of cholesterol SILICONE: 202 mg 14g CARBOHYDRATES GLUTEN: 1g SERUM: 13 g

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